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Development Kit


To upload firmware to the devices, J-Fash Lite is required. It is a little GUI for Windows, Linux and macOS.


The development kit enables users of our devices to upload firmware and change the configuration of the devices.

Please refer to the command set documentation for more information about how to configure your device for a specific use case.

Development kit

Attaching the connector to the device

Attach the connector to the device's PCB (circuit board). The placement is guided with three little holes in the board. You need to fix the connector with a clip from the other side.

Uploading firmware

To upload firmware to your device, you need to have J-Flash Lite installed on your machine. This tool automatically recognizes our programming adaptor and will ask you for a firmware binary file to upload to the device.

Possibly you will be asked to define the target device (MCU) and some other settings. Please enter the following configuration.

  • Device: STM32L082CZ (this may depend on the device you're using)
  • Interface: SWD
  • Speed: 400 kHz

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