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Bushtech Bull - Battery Replacement


To change the batteries of your 'Bull' tracking device, all you need is a Phillips screw driver (+) and the replacement batteries (2x LS17500). The batteries need to be new and ideally should be from the same order/batch.

Bushtech Bull

For best experience, it is recommended that you exchange the batteries when LoRaWAN network coverage is available. In this way you will immediately see if the battery replacement was successful and the device is working properly.

Step 1

Open the housing by removing the four Phillips screws. You don't need to remove the tracker from the collar for this, but the collar should prior be removed from the animal you are tracking.

Bushtech Bull

Step 2

Turn the housing part with the electronics inside upside down and remove the old batteries. The batteries need to be recycled in an appropriate manner.

Bushtech Bull

Step 3

Mind the battery symbol on the green circuit board, which indicates the required orientation of the batteries.

Bushtech Bull Bushtech Bull

Step 4

Bushtech Bull

Place the new batteries. The device will immediately boot up and try to join the LoRa network. Wait for a minute or two and check if you receive data from the device. In case the batteries get warm or hot in the mean time, then possibly you placed them the wrong way around, or mechanical damage was done to the battery (plastic cover scratched etc.).

Step 5

Bushtech Bull

Assemble the tracker using the four Phillips screws and you are ready to go.