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IoT Wonderland

IoT Wonderland by Copernicus Technologies is a comprehensive tracking platform offering a user-friendly graphical interface for IoT devices. IoT Wonderland supports an a wide range of tracking devices and integrates with a wide variety of networks.

Key Features:

  • Device management and support for common tracking devices.
  • Compatibility with LoRaWAN, 2G/3G, LTE/NB-IoT networks, and LEO Satellite networks.
  • Integration with barcode, beacon, and RFID-based systems.
  • GPS positioning, WiFi localization, and network triangulation for geolocation.
  • Customizable location and path visualization, heat maps, and various map designs.
  • Performant user interface for concurrent visualization of multiple trackers.
  • Import/export of locations and metadata.
  • APIs for integration into custom solutions.
  • Organization and user management.
  • White-label licensing option.

Supported Networks:

  • Swisscom, Roaming partners
  • Loriot
  • KPN, The Things Network, Helium
  • CLS Group, Argos, Kineis, Lacuna

Supported Tracking Devices:

  • Bushtech Asset Trackers
  • Movetech-Telemetry
  • Zane Systems
  • Digital Matter
  • Abeeway
  • Dragino
  • and more


  • Wildlife tracking
  • Livestock management
  • Logistics