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User Account

To manage your IoT devices on the Iot Wonderland platform you have to create a user account first.

If you find yourself on don't fret, you are at the right place. This is where the Iot Wonderland platform is hosted and beyond LoRa-based devices, you can use a wide range of IoT devices on the IoT Wonderland platform.

Register a User Account

Register an account on the IoT Wonderland platform, to get started managing your IoT devices.

User Login

Once you have registered and confirmed your new user account use your username and password to login into the Iot Wonderland Platform.

User Account Recovery

In case you forgot your password and cannot login into your account anymore, request a password reset. You'll get an email with a special reset link which let's you enter a new password.

User Settings

Once logged in, user account related properties can be changed in the user Settings view.